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Well, hello...

I'm Jenn

Branding Photographer, Wix Website Customizer & Social Media Designer

Websites that make you wanna dance!

Need a website, but not sure where to start?
I specialize in customizing Wix websites for entrepreneurs and creatives. Whether you sell a service or a physical product, I can create a website that will show your personality and give you the credibility you deserve. When your site goes live, I guarantee you are going to bust a move.


Don't have a Clue what  to post? 

I've got you covered. My monthly social media subscriptions include stunning graphics and stock photos that fit your brand, so you'll always have something awesome to share with your followers.

Website mock up-4.jpg

Get back to what you love.

Stop stressin' about social media

Branding by Jenn is a professional Website Designer and Graphic Design studio based in San Antonio, TX. Ready to see beautiful WIX websites? Check out my Website Design projects, including landscape design/build companies, artist, coaches & hair care experts. 

Wix Web Designer: WIX is my preferred website platforms because of the ease of use both for myself and for my clients. My WIX website design will show your personality and professionalism.

All of my WIX website designs are mobile & tablet ready and optimized for SEO. WIX is mobile friendly, simple to set up SEO and is easy to use. After your website is built, I will show you how to edit and update it yourself. 

In addition to being a San Antonio Website Designer, I am also a logo and Social Media Graphic Designer. I have designed business cards, online course presentations, products labels, advertising signs and t shirts. 

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